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Rod Person

Rod Person

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Regular Full-Time

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Assist the Party Chief and/or Instrument Man as instructed.

  • Never leave the equipment unattended.
  • Loads all needed equipment into the vehicles before heading out to the various properties that the crew will survey during the day. Unloads the specified equipment into the crew designated area to allow for daily inventory of the crew equipment.
  • Help maintain all equipment in good working order and to notify the appropriate staff member(s) when equipment needs repair or replacement.
  • Clear any brush or trees away from the survey line.
  • Measures how far different points are from each other, using a tape or electronic equipment.
  • Helps with the various pieces of survey equipment
  • Search for section corners, property irons, and survey points.
  • Holding the prism pole steady for the surveyor to help determine elevations of different points. Using a level, the rodman will place the rod vertically in place - or plumb it - to ensure a correct starting point for the next measurement.
  • Wipe off the rod's base before putting the rod in place to avoid interfering with the accuracy of its measurements.
  • Lay out stakes to prepare for horizontal and vertical survey measurements.


Knowledge of: 

  • Electronic distance measuring devices (total stations), data collectors.
  • Electrotapes, Measuring chains.
  • 3D laser scanning systems; Laser distance measuring equipment; Laser scanner coordinate capturing equipment.
  • Automatic optical pendulum leveling systems; Hand levels; Leveling bubbles; Optical pendulum levels.